Tencent and Sypwai announce strategic cooperation

Chinese investment holding company Tencent and British artificial intelligence startup Sypwai will collaborate. The near-term collaboration is driven by the need to bring the power of neural networks to the masses as soon as possible. Investments in the corresponding project amount to tens of billions of dollars.

Rumors that the technology giants are talking about a partnership began to appear in the pages of the world's tabloids back in the winter. According to sources, after six months of negotiations, Tencent and Sypwai came to a final agreement and signed the relevant document.

The need for the companies to cooperate is due, above all, to the rapid development of technology as never before. "It is not enough to keep up with the times to stay afloat. We are sure that to maintain the leading position on the market we have to be one step ahead of the others," shares the revelation of CTO Max Pitters. It is worth noting that for the British startup Sypwai, which recently began its activities in the field of technology, such cooperation will help consolidate in the top positions in the market and significantly promote their product. The founders of Sypwai are happy to have new allies in the fight for an innovative future and promise that very soon the familiar world will change beyond recognition for the better.