Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Honorary Editor in Chief

George Anastassiou
Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN 38152-3240, U.S.A

Editor in Chief

Emeric Deutsch
Polytechnic Institute of New York University, United States

Co-Editor in Chief

Waqas Nazeer
University of Education, Pakistan

Managing Editor

Muhammad Imran

Govt. College University, Pakistan

Advisory Board

Mujahid Abbas
Department of mathematics and applied mathematics University of Pretoria, South Africa

Yeol Je Cho
Department of Mathematics Education, Gyeongsang National University, South Korea

Hari Mohan Srivastava
Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia V8W 3R4, Canada


Johann Davidov

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
Acad. G.Bonchev Str. Bl.8, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria
Expertise’s: Riemannian Geometry, Complex Analysis, Differential Geometry
Email: jtd@math.bas.bg

Hông Vân Lê

Institute of Mathematics of Czech Academy of Sciences Zitna 25 11567 Praha 1. Czech Republic

Expertise’s: Differential Geometry, Global Analysis,  Information  geometry

Email: hvle@math.cas.cz

Constantin Fetecau

Department of Mathematics, Technical University of Iasi, Iasi 700050, Romania
Associate member of Academy of Romanian Scientists, 050094 Bucuresti, Romania

Expertise’s: Fluid Mechanics

Email: c_fetecau@yahoo.com

Haitao Qi
School of Mathematics and Statistics, Shandong University, Weihai, Weihai 264209, P.R. China
Expertise’s: Fluid mechanics, Dynamical systems
Email: htqi@sdu.edu.cn

Dumitru Vieru
Department of Theoretical Mechanics, Technical University of Iasi, Romania
Expertise’s: Fluid Dynamics (Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, heat and mass transfer, viscoelastic models with memory, fractional thermoelasticity)
Email: dumitru_vieru@yahoo.com

Nehad Ali Shah
Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU Lahore Pakistan
Expertise’s:Fluid Dynamics (Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids, heat and mass transfer, viscoelastic models with memory, fractional thermoelasticity)
Email: nehadali199@yahoo.com

Andrea Semanicova-Fenovcikova
Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University in Košice, Letna 9, Kosice, Slovakia
Expertise’s: graph theory and combinatorics (graph labeling and metric dimension of graphs)
Email: andrea.fenovcikova@tuke.sk

Riste Škrekovski
University of Ljubljana (Ljubljana) & Faculty of Information studies (Novo Mesto), Slovenia
Expertise’s: graph colorings
Email: skrekovski@gmail.com

Emrah Evren Kara
Department of Mathematics, Duzce University, Duzce, Turkey
Expertise’s: Sequence spaces, Measure of noncompactness, Fixed point theory, Operator ideals, topology
Email: eevrenkara@duzce.edu.tr; karaevren@gmail.com

Daniele Ritelli
Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy
Expertise’s: Mathematical Modelling, Classical Analysis, Special functions, Differential equations
Email: daniele.ritelli@unibo.it

Vishnu Narayan Mishra
Departement of Mathematics, Indira Gandhi National Tribal University, LAlpur, Amarkantak, Anuppur, Madhya Pardesh 484 887, India
Expertise’s: Variational Calculus, Approximation Theory
Email: vishnunarayanmishra@gmail.com; vishnu_narayanmishra@yahoo.co.in

Tuncer Acar
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Selcuk University, Turkey
Expertise’s: Approximation theory
Email: tunceracar@ymail.com

Abdul Qudair Baig
Department of Mathematics, The University of Lahore, Pakpattan Campus, Pakistan
Expertise’s: Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Email: aqbaig1@gmail.com

Shin Min Kang
Department of Mathematics and RINS, Gyeongsang National University, Jinju, Korea

Expertise’s: Nonlinear Analysis

Email: smkang@gnu.ac.kr 

Adnan Aslam
Rachna College of Engineering and Technology, Gujranwala
Expertise’s: Commutative Algebra
Email: adnanaslam15@yahoo.com

Krzysztof Gdawiec
Institute of Computer Science, University of Silesia, Bedzinska 39, 41-200 Sosnowiec, Poland.
Expertise’s: fractals, computer graphics, geometric modelling
Email: krzysztof.gdawiec@us.edu.pl

Jafar Biazar

Department of applied Mathematics, Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, ‎ University of Guilan,‎
‎P.O. Box 41335-1914, ‎ P.C.4193822697,‎‏ ‏ Guilan, Rasht, Iran
Expertise’s: New Methods for solving nonlinear  functional equations:  Adomian decomposition, Variational iteration, Homotopy analysis, Homotopy perturbation iteration, and other new approaches. Systems of linear and nonlinear integral equations of the first and second kinds, systems of differential equations, technically and theoretically (study the convergence of the methods)
Email: biazar@guilan.ac.ir , Jafar.biazar@gmail.com

Wei Gao
School of Information Science and Technology, Yunnan Normal University, Kunming 650500, China
Expertise’s: Graph Theory, Theoretical Chemistry, Statistical Learning Theory, Computation Topics on Energy and Environmental Science, Artificial Intelligence.
Email: gaowei@ynnu.edu.cn

Carlos Eduardo Cadenas Román
Departamento de Matemática, Facultad de Ciencias y Tecnología, Universidad de Carabobo, Venezuela
Expertise’s: Applied Mathematics, Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Equations, Dynamics of Families of Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations, Numerical Linear Algebra, Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations, Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations: Finite Difference Methods, Finite Element Methods
Email: ccadenas@uc.edu.ve; ccadenas45@gmail.com

Gayrat Urazboev

Urgench State University, Uzbekistan
Expertise’s: Spectral theory, integrable systems
Email: gayrat71@mail.ru

Muhammad Kamran Jamil
Department of Mathematics, Riphah International University, Lahore, Pakistan
Expertise’s: Graph Theory
Email: m.kamran.sms@gmail.com

Delfim F. M. Torres
Department of Mathematics, University of Aveiro, 3810-193 Aveiro, Portugal
Expertise’s: Calculus of variations and optimal control; optimization;
time scales; fractional calculus; mathematical biology; biomathematics.
Email: delfim@ua.pt

Mobeen Munir
Department of Mathematics, University of Education, Pakistan
Expertise’s: Differential Geometry, Global Analysis

Özlem Acar
Mersin University, Faculty of science and arts, department of mathematics, 33343,Yenisehir,Mersin
Expertise’s: fixed point theory, genaral topology
Email: ozlemacar@mersin.edu.tr

Shaohui Wang
Savannah State University, Savannah, GA, USA
Expertise’s: Graph Theory, Combinatorics
Email: shaohuiwangad@gmail.com

Nawab Hussain
Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, King
Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Expertise’s: Fixed Point and Approximation Techniques, Operator Theory, Iterative Methods, Inequalities

B. Sooryanarayana

Institutional Address: Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology, BDA outer ring road, Mallathahalli, Bengaluru.
Expertise’s: Graph labeling, Graph coloring, Metric dimension.
Email: dr_bsnrao@yahoo.co.in

Marzieh Eini Keleshteri
University of Manitoba, 75 Chancellor’s Circle, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 5V6, Canada
Expertise’s: Analytic Numbers Theory, Special Functions and Orthogonal Polynomials, q-theory.
Email: marzieh.eini@gmail.com

Hui Zhou
Hefei Normal University, Hefei, China
Expertise’s: Differential Equation, Biomath
Email: zhouh16@mail.ustc.edu.cn

Muhammad Zubair
Department of Mathematics, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore Pakistan
Expertise’s: Gravitation and Cosmology
Email: drmzubair@ciitlahore.edu.pk

Abderrahim Wakif
Hassan II University, Faculty of Sciences Ain Chock, Department of Physics, Laboratory of Mechanics, Simulation and Optimization Team in Heat and Mass Transfer Derb EI Youssoufia Rue 83, N 5, Casablanca, Maroc Casanlanca 20540, Morocco
Expertise’s: Numerical methods and computation and linear and nonlinear instability analysis
Email: wakif.abderrahim@gmail.com

Zahid Raza
Department of Mathematics, College of Sciences,
University of Sharjah, P. O. Box: 27272- Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates
Expertise’s: Commutative Algebra and Ring Theory, Finite Group Rings/Coding on Finite Rings, Elementary Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry
Email: zraza@sharjah.ac.ae

Ana Maria ACU
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Department of Mathematics and Informatics, Str. Dr. I. Ratiu, No.5-7, RO-550012 Sibiu, Romania
Expertise’s: Numerical Analysis; Aproximation Theory
Email: anamaria.acu@ulbsibiu.ro

Bijan Davvaz
Department of Mathematics, Yazd University, Iran
Expertise’s: Algebra, Algebraic hyperstructures, Discrete Mathematics, Fuzzy Logic
Email: davvaz@yazd.ac.ir; bdavvaz@yahoo.com

Tabasam Rashid
Department of Mathematics, University of Management and Technology, Lahore Pakistan
Expertise’s: Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Similarity Measures, Fuzzy Mathematics, Image Encryption
Email: tabasam.rashid@gmail.com

Lakshmi Narayan Mishra

Department of Mathematics, School of Advanced Sciences, Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) University, Vellore 632 014, Tamil Nadu, India.
Expertie’s: Measure of Noncompactness, Local attractivity, Nonlinear Analysis, Integral equations of fractional order, Global attractivity, Banach algebra, Linear Positive Operators, Approximation theory, Functional Analytic aspects (methods) in Summability, Fourier Approximation, Quantum Calculus, Fixed point theory and applications in dynamic programming, Special Functions, Variational inequality, qseries & q-polynomials and Operator Theory, Fractals & Wavelets, Signal Analysis & Image processing, Summability calculus, Fluid dynamics, Optimization
Email: lakshminarayanmishra04@gmail.com and lakshminarayan.mishra@vit.ac.in
Merve Ilkhan
Department of Mathematics, Duzce University Turkey
Experties: Topolgy, Functional Analysis
Email: merveilkhan@duzce.edu.tr